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legal information
A personal injury attorney can help the accident recovery process by providing information regarding the practical and legal aspects of personal injury law and auto accident claims.
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Helpful Links

The ARC Network:
This web site is dedicated to the accident reconstruction industry. This web site is the number one web site for the industry of accident reconstruction. It provides valuable information, research, news, events, discussion, products, databases and expert directories.

Collision Magazine:
Collision: The International Compendium for Crash Research is a bi-annual print publication dedicated to bringing you the most recent crash research information in the form of technical articles. Each issue contains over 100 pages of new crash research and information.

Crash Conferences:
This web site is dedicated to our annual crash conference, the annual CDR Summit and Collision Magazine. Each year we host a 4-day crash conference to educate accident reconstructionists, personal injury attorneys, doctors, engineers and other professionals on the dynamics of real life car crashes. We work directly with other police departments to provide actual live crash testing, then 3 days of presentations for industry experts.

Crash Data Retrieval (Black Box):
This web site is dedicated to the Bosch CDR Tool (Crash Data Retrieval). The CDR Tool is a combination of hardware and software that allows you to retrieve EDR (Event Data Recorder) data directly from the vehicle's safety system modules. This web site helps you understand what is going on with this new technology and how to purchase.

medical information
If you have been injured in a traffic accident, it is important to visit a qualified doctor to evaluate your injuries. Trying to "heal yourself" could cause your body more harm.
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traffic accident insurance information
Being involved in a traffic accident can be a very stressful situation. Dealing with insurance claim adjusters can be just as stressful. It doesn't have to be...
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expert witness
If you have been involved in a serious injury accident your attorney may need to retain the services of "expert". These professionals are trained to reconstruct all types of accidents.
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traffic police
If you have been involved in a traffic accident, use this section to help locate the traffic investigation division of various police departments in the United States.
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