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A personal injury attorney can help the accident recovery process by providing information regarding the practical and legal aspects of personal injury law and auto accident claims.
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The form and content on this page in the Accident Resource is provided and supported by Total Injury. See the bottom of this page for more information on Total Injury or call them:

toll free: 877.833.2412

If you’re like most people who have been injured, you’ve never had to consider filing a lawsuit before and don’t know all of the technical requirements involved in the process.  You probably want to focus on recovering from your injury, but need help to cover the medical bills and other expenses caused by your injury.

One important thing you need to know is that statutes of limitations and other procedural requirements can stop you from receiving fair compensation for your injuries—that’s why it’s important to get complete information early in the process.

You should also know that some insurance company representatives will mislead you in an effort to minimize or even eliminate your right to compensation.  Take the initiative to get the information you need before you make any decisions.

Total Injury is sponsored by personal injury attorneys from across the country, and provides extensive consumer information, articles, blog posts, and other personal-injury-related resources on its website at www.TotalInjury.com.  Total Injury’s President, Kevin Chern, is the former managing partner of one of the largest consumer law firms in the United States.

Although Total Injury provides extensive general information about personal injury cases and personal injury law, along with updated articles, blog posts and legislative bulletins, most consumers need more than general information when it comes time to make life-altering decisions.  A local personal injury attorney may be the best source of that information, so Total Injury makes it easy for consumers by putting consumers in direct contact with personal injury lawyers in their geographic areas.

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medical information
If you have been injured in a traffic accident, it is important to visit a qualified doctor to evaluate your injuries. Trying to "heal yourself" could cause your body more harm.
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traffic accident insurance information
Being involved in a traffic accident can be a very stressful situation. Dealing with insurance claim adjusters can be just as stressful. It doesn't have to be...
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expert witness
If you have been involved in a serious injury accident your attorney may need to retain the services of "expert". These professionals are trained to reconstruct all types of accidents.
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traffic police
If you have been involved in a traffic accident, use this section to help locate the traffic investigation division of various police departments in the United States.
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